April 19, 2011
EP: Prodigy - The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson EP

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April 4, 2011

Mobb Deep feat. Nas - Dog Shit

P IS BACK! Featuring Nas the M-O-B-B make their illustrious return! Produced by ALC and Havoc.

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March 7, 2011
Prodigy - Illuminati P

Prodigy - Illuminati P

Celebrating the freedom of one of my favorite MCs, Prodigy, I decided to unleash a compilation on the day of his release.  Illuminati P is packed Mobb Deep & P solo joints as well as features from Prodigy.  Track list after the jump…

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February 3, 2011
"Guns redundant
My dunns move in abundance
We loose cannons, my rugar’ll pop somethin
What’s all the frontin
Being cavilier will get you nothing
Or maybe touched though
Keep pressing me and we be thumpin like the laws vs. the hawks
When little boy got a foot long stuck in his back
And punctured his lungs
It’s very brutal, how the N.I.C. will do you
Yo get KO’ed and pissed on for being rude
Yeah, respect the colors and the flag i wave
Respect the I.M.D. embroidery
My shit is classic and authentic
Blowin dick
Y’all niggas grafting my whole presence
Get your own shit
My voltage, be higher than the wire pole get
King vulture, more flyer than your average rap pigeon
Now, twist up your cheebas
I get deeper in debt
My rap page make niggas throw they reefer at us
Love me, bless me, like you supposed to do
Just don’t test me niggas I be toasted up

— Prodigy

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January 30, 2011
"Yo, I conversate wit many men, it’s time to begin again
Forgot what I already knew, aiyyo you hear me friend?
Illuminati want my mind, soul, and my body
Secret society, tryin to keep they eye on me
But I’m stay incogni’, in places they can’t find me
Make my moves strategically, the G.O.D.
It’s sorta similar but iller than a chess player
I use my thinker, it coincides with my blinker
While you wondered what we sayin on the records real
Yeah you motherfuckin right kid you know the deal
My Mobb is Infamous just like the fuckin title read
You get back slapped so hard make ya nose bleed
Some —— kids feeling guilty bout the ——
But you first baby girl so just face it
But anyway, back on the real side of things
My niggaz sling cracks and wear fat diamond rings
Not only is it inside the songs that we sing
Everything is real not just a song that we sing
From my life to the paper, very accurately
Give you all of my two so maybe you can three
Prodigy will forever will S-H-I-N-E
My shit attract millions like the moon attract the sea
How dare you ever in your life walk past me
Without acknowledgin this man as G-O-D
I shot ya faggot ass"

— Prodigy

September 28, 2010
My Top 5 Artists (Week Ending 2010-9-26)

  1. Prodigy (45)
  2. Curren$y (29)
  3. Ghostface Killah (14)
  4. The Roots (13)
  5. Nas (11)

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September 14, 2010
My Top 5 Artists (Week Ending 2010-9-12)

  1. Curren$y (33)
  2. Prodigy (29)
  3. L.E. (18)
  4. Cannibal Ox (15)
  5. Street Sweeper Social Club (13)

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August 2, 2010
"I’m paranoid and it’s not the weed
In my rear view mirror each car they follow me
So I bust rights and lefts, lefts and rights
‘Til I stop seeing those Impala headlights
Then I circle my block to make sure it’s smooth
Before I go upstairs to my four corner room"

— Prodigy

August 1, 2010

I sit alone in my dirty ass room starin at candles, high on drugs.
All alone wit my hand on a mac 10 handle, schemin on you n****s.

July 31, 2010
"Illuminati want my mind, soul, and my body. Secret society, tryin to keep they eye on me."

— Prodigy