July 20, 2011

Pusha T x Tyler, The Creator - Trouble On My Mind

pretty funny video from half of the Thornton brothers and the cult leader of OFWGKTA.


So much trouble on my mind.

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February 14, 2011

Pusha T - My God

Pusha’s solo debut on the GOOD music imprint has begun!

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January 26, 2011
My Top 5 Artists (Week Ending 2011-1-23)

  1. Tyler, The Creator (65)
  2. OFWGKTA (37)
  3. Tony Yayo & Danny Brown (26)
  4. Clipse (24)
  5. DOOM (20)

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May 7, 2010
Woman if you love me, please let me knowTie rags ‘round your neck and learn the sets we throw.

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Woman if you love me, please let me know
Tie rags ‘round your neck and learn the sets we throw.


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March 28, 2010

N*E*R*D ‘Am I High’ feat Malice UK VERSION (Download)

This is one of my absolute favorite songs from N*E*R*D and one of my favorite joints to put people onto the band with. It’s still mind boggling to me that Pharrell claims he has NEVER once SMOKED weed considering how much he sings about it.  This is the electro version of the song that was only released in the UK, not the version that made the final album cut for US release.  You’ll notice slight tweaks in the instrumental as well as some other quirks, if you want the UK version of the album, get at me.

January 25, 2010
Recent Music Reviews…

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Sean Price

Front to Back has returned for 2010 with a slightly new format. Instead of rating the albums with a conventional ratings system we’ve decided to just give you an in-depth review of each album. Same great reviews, no arbitrary ass rating and maybe just a little more personality and opinion than you’re used to. This week’s crop of reviews is interesting as it hosts two of my favorite acts, a dope rapper I could never really get with, a highly heralded prospect I haven’t paid much attention to, and somebody I never heard of until I received his album for review. Let’s get to the Reviews of Clipse’s Til The Casket Drops, MF DOOM presents Unexpected Guests, Sean Price’s Kimbo Price: The Prelude To Mic Tyson, Fashawn’s Boy Meets World, and lastly Coolzey’s The Honey.


Artist: Clipse
Album: Til The Casket Drops
Synopsis: Til The Casket Drops is the third album in the Clipse catalog and just like the rest, it came with much anticipation.  The Brothers Thornton’s latest effort flaunts a Kanye West featured single, one of the most complete tracks from the Neptunes in a while in “I’m Good”, a much hyped Cam’ron verse as well as a feature from Keri Hilson herself. So what’s come of it? Well in all reality, not much. Amidst all the anticipation, glitz and glamor this album is pretty much a brick.  Sure, ‘I’m Good’ is probably one of my favorite Clipse songs, and in my opinion one of the best recent Neptunes tracks period, but it can’t even save this one. The album starts well with “Freedom”, produced by Sean C & LV, as Push and Mal’ pick up right where they left off and remind you that they have grown since the last time we’ve heard from them and make promises of improvement. They then dive into a string of features including Yo Gotti on the Neptunes produced “Showing Out”, a personal favorite of mine, amongst the previously mentioned Kanye, Cam’ron and Pharrell assisted singles. “There Was a Murder” is a lowpoint of the album a very quick skip. “Door Man” recovers very well as it is another highlight of the album. Ab Liva delivers a solid feature on “Never Will It Stop” before an awful string of 3 or 4 lead to the close of the album.  The Kenna and Pharrell assisted “Life Change” brings the album full circle from the introductory track and delivers a solid close.  In summation this album has a few good joints but otherwise feels like a rushed project, which is weird considering all the delays along the way. If I could make one plea to Malice and Pusha it would be please steer clear of R&B club joints and stick to what you do best.
Key Joints: “Door Man”, “I’m Good”, “Showin Out”, “Freedom”


Artist: DOOM
Album: Unexpected Guests
Synopsis: Unexpected Guests is a collection of rarities and guest spots from the ever-elusive DOOM. Being an underground Hip Hop head, amongst other things, I have heard many of these songs at some point in time be it as an instrumental, on its original project, or downloaded. Although many of the joints on Unexpected Guests are previously released, the new sequencing breathes life back into the music.  Upon first listening to the album, I was instantly reminded of why I am such a big fan of DOOM in the first place.  Funny and skillful rhymes over splendidly sampled beats time and time again. The album starts off with a pretty solid Talib Kweli collaboration titled “Fly That Knot” and then it dives into the really GOOD stuff. Dilla features, a dope K.M.D. (the group Doom was originally a member of as Zev Love X) track and then the Vast Aire joint “Da Superfriendz” which is a personal favorite of mine. Another well known track off this collection would be DOOM’s collaboration with Ghostface Killah “Angels”. Amidst the well known joints are lesser known diamonds in the ruff, but at the end of the day one thing remains consistent, and that would be quality.  Doom always brings dope bars to the table and his beats are even more on point.
Key Joints: “Da Superfriendz”, “Angelz”, “Fire Wood Drumstykx”, “Unexpected”

Kimbo Price

Artist: Sean Price
Album: Kimbo Price
Synopsis: Througout my years of being a Hip Hop head Sean Price has perplexed me, as I have been on the fence about his music for quite a while now. But, Kimbo Price forced my hand onto the “fan” side. P! has forever been known as an excellent MC, but I always felt like I needed to hear more. Well this new “mixtape” was exactly it. Laced with Mike Tyson quotes and Kimbo Price related samples throughout, the mixtape is just as mean and vicious as it sounds. Sean Price kills the lyrics pretty much all the way through.  “Ruckdown” is a favorite track where the Heltah Skeltah alum claims ‘Ruck is runnin the label now’. There is a very dope Royce da 5’9” feature on “Goodnite!!!” which also showcases the lyrical talents of Petro. The final track “Duckdown” is also a highlight featuring labelmates Skyzoo & Torae.  The original production fits Sean P. perfectly, while he camouflages himself into the borrowed industry joints. One of the borrowed joints is “Boost”, which places Sean over the “Whole City Behind Us” instrumental distorted like a Boost phone as he spits “It’s the passion of Price, not the passion of Christ but the God Christ-like when I be rocking’ the mic.” He even jacks Shawty Lo’s flow over “Dey Know” for “Porkchops & Apple Sauce” as he disses the prototypical southern rapper. Going through my notes from listening, I noticed that I pretty much raved about EVERY song on the mixtape but lastly you must know “Bars of Death” is crazy and Megasean is definitely not to be fucked with.
Key Joints: “Bars of Death”, “Duckdown”, “Boost”


Artist: Fashawn
Album: Boy Meets World
Synopsis: If you are looking for real Hip Hop this is definitely a great album to pick up. Boy Meets World was produced entirely by Exile and actually reminds me a lot of MURS & 9th Wonder’s Murs 3:16 The 9th Edition as a result (which in no way is a slight). There is a dope feature from Blu on “Samsonite Man” where the two trade bars about the constant travels and perils of being in the game. “Hey Young World” is a personal favorite as Fashawn laces a very jazzy beat with a melodic flow, as well as a dope spoken word piece at the end. Being someone who had always heard of Fashawn but never really heard him, I was very pleased with this album as a whole. For an MC as young as he is, this album is uniquely consistent and very well put together. The lyrics themselves also tend to be very uplifting and the album kinda gives you a “We’re gonna make it” type of feel. Another thing that definitely shines through on the album are the hooks and choruses, which were all very well developed and melodic. This is an excellent album and is definitely worth every dollar spent. Hopefully Fashawn can carry this formula for success forward and have a long career full of Boy Meets World’s.
Key Joints: Samsonite Man, Why, Hey Young World


Artist: Coolzey
Album: The Honey
Synopsis: Coolzey is the rapper I’ve never heard of out of this group of reviews, and at the end of it all, he’s probably the one I’m not really sure if I wanna hear much more of.  The best way for me to describe Coolzey is a mash up of Beck, Butthole Surfers and MC Serch. Early on the album sounds like indie rock infused backpack rap, with basic flows and a solid intro song titled “Little by Little” in which Coolzey actually introduces himself to his listener. The title track “The Honey” is kinda weak, the flows seem too jumbled, and the hook is really rushed sounding. Overall the album features good sampling and scratching, which is never a bad thing. Musically, the album has a solid flow to it, but there’s not too much lyrical continuity though. The more Hip Hop the songs become, the less listenable they are as Coolzey starts to sound like some white kid who just thought it would be cool/funny to make a rap album. In the end, the songs are too inconsistent and Coolzey has a very weak voice, which didn’t do anything to draw me in or help me overlook his lyrical shortcomings. Despite a solid feature from Sadat X on “Tour Song Too”, this is definitely an album I will be passing over in my iPod, except for maybe a couple tracks on a (very) few and far between basis.
Key Joint: “Tour Song Too”

October 23, 2009

Clipse feat. Cam’ron ‘Popular Demand (Popeyes)’ Produced by Pharrell