July 9, 2010
And if ya don’t know…

Now ya know! I write on 5 blogs, 3 of them being on tumblr… 3 of them being music related… and 2 are about my favorite past times Basketball and smoking… here’s where you can find me, if you follow this tumblr you should definitely consider reading all the other 4 sites I write for as well, or at least 1 of the other 4.

Fake Shore Drive - A Chicago hip-hop blog, rated by VIBE magazine as the number 13 rap blog on the net.

Brainiac Society - Another Hip-Hop based blog, this time it’s all about Naledge (of Kidz in the Hall) and his Brainiac crew, which I just so happen to be a part of.

Bullshiiit - A tumblr which focuses on my favorite NBA team The Chicago Bulls… This will be the most OFFICIAL unofficial Bulls blog y’all have ever seen, I promise.

The Blunt Diaries - This is where I document my adventures in being the Most Blunted on the Map… also co-starring my good friend Joe.  You can also submit pictures of yourself smoking as well as your stash, blunts, bongs, bowls, vaporizers, brownies whatever!